Equine chiropractic

Experienced Equine Chiropractor

Lizzie has been treating human patients for 10 years since graduating from the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, and has now completed her training as an Equine Chiropractor. Lizzie is an experienced horse woman, and has ridden and cared for her own horses from an early age.

Horses can suffer form back pain, which can manifest itself in many ways, such as poor or decreased athletic performance, behavioural problems, gait problems or lameness.

Symptoms which may indicate a possible problem;

  • uneasy or abnormal standing posture
  • uneven muscle tone
  • obvious discomfort whist being groomed/touched
  • 'cold backed'
  • reluctance or discomfort whilst being saddled or mounted
  • unlevelness
  • stiffness on one rain
  • deterioration in performance/reluctance to jump
  • tail carriage predominantly one sided
  • uncharacteristic behaviour
  • lameness when other causes have been ruled out by a Vet

Spinal problems in horses can be the result of;

  • overuse
  • trauma i.e. falls, slips, kicks
  • saddle or numnah pressure
  • unbalanced rider
  • compensation for injuries elsewhere

Chiropractic treatment for horses is concerned with the restoration of the normal spinal joint alignment and relaxation of the associated muscle spasm. The treatment involves specific joint manipulation, which increases the joints normal range of motion, releases muscle spasm, thus alleviating pain.

Lizzie also uses various soft tissue techniques to relax specific muscles, and can demonstrate these and the appropriate stretches for you to continue with between visits.

Veterinary permission must be obtained before treatment can commence.

If you would like to find out more about Equine Chiropractic provided by the Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic, please email Lizzie at clinic@woodstockchiropractic.co.uk or phone 07734 994 454